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7th April, 2020 | ViofoUK

Why I need a GPS?

The GPS module can record your speed and route data in the video file allowing compatible viewers to display the data on playback. It will also keep the camera’ s clock synchronized with GPS time so that the video files are correctly time stamped. It could also be a way to tell your dashcam to automatically get into/out of parking mode by speed data (if you didn’ t use the VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire kits for parking mode).

Which VIOFO model support GPS?

These following VIOFO dash cam models support GPS –

A129 Pro Duo

A129 Duo / A129 Duo IR

A119 V2 / A119S / A119 Pro /A119V3


G1W-S / G1W-S Wi-Fi

A118C / A118C2

Where is my GPS and how to install?

A119 and A129 Series


GPS module is built-in the bracket. When you receive your dashcam, the GPS module has already been installed on your dashcam. For A119V3, “V3 GPS” is printed in the GPS mount. For A129 Duo/ A129 Duo IR/ A129 Pro Duo, “No GPS” is printed in the non-GPS mount. GPS mount does not print the “No GPS” sign.


Please try as the picture shows to install/ remove the dash cam from GPS mount. Slide from right to left to install the dashcam. Slide from left to right to remove the dashcam.


Should I power by GPS or dashcam mount?

Both are OK to power the dashcam. Whichever you choose, it will show GPS information successfully.

G1W-S/ G1W-S WiFi/ A118C/ A118C2


This is an optional choice for G1W-S/ G1W-S WiFi/ A118C/ A118C2 when you buy it, you could find it in your package separate from the dashcam box.


Please insert the GPS into the round GPS plug of the dash cam.




Please insert the mini USB cable to the WR1 port and the other USB cable to the car charger port.

How to enable/disable GPS on my dashcam?

Usually, you could find the GPS option on your dashcam menu setting. Here we will take A129 Duo as an example. For other models, please find references from the user manual.


1. Press the REC button to stop recording

2. Get into menu setting

3. Choose  “GPS”

4. Choose “On”/ ”Off” to enable/ disable the GPS

Other Related Settings of GPS

Speed Unit – MPH and KM/H

MPH means miles per hour and KM/H means kilometers per hour. You could select the format you like to show your speed data.

GPS Info Stamp – Off/ All Info/ Speed/ Coordinates

You could imprint the GPS information you like to show on the recorded video.

Coordinates means show your location -latitude and longitude data on the bottom of your recorded video.

Speed means to show your speed data at the bottom of your recorded video.

All Info means to show your speed and coordinate data on the bottom of your recorded video.

Off means do not show your speed and coordinate data on the bottom of your recorded video.

How to check if the GPS connected successfully?

Please check if you get the GPS version or not and your dashcam screen icon as the pictures shows.

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Where can I playback GPS information?

Playback on your computer


Please download Dashcam Viewer to read the GPS information like speed, coordination on playback. It is available for A118C, G1W-S, A119 and A129 series, and WR1.

For A118C and A118C2, we also suggest you download and use this firmware- RegistratorViewer.exe.

Playback on your phone


You could turn on dashcam Wi-Fi to connect with the VIOFO app. When you download and playback video clips, you could see GPS information on your dashcam. It is available for G1W-S-WiFi/ A129 Duo/ A129 Duo IR/ A129 Pro Duo. You may also want to know How to Connect VIOFO Wi-Fi and Use VIOFO App.

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