Dashcam Deals

Dashcam Deals

At Viofo UK, we offer a wide Dashcam product range to suit all requirements and budgets.

We offer front dashcams with full HD, 2 channel dashcams (available in two different specifications front and rear or front and interior), and 3 channel dashcams that offer full coverage of the vehicle (interior, front, and rear).

We also have a range of 4K dashcams for the ultimate HD footage.

To browse our entire product range, including motorcycle dash cams and various dash cam accessories, take a look at our products page.

Find the Best Budget Dashcam

We offer the best budget dashcams here at Viofo, as well as dashcams with higher specifications.

Take a look at our latest offers on dashcam products below, and scroll down for further information and product choices.

A139 Dual 2K Dashcam – 2 Channel – Front & Rear


A139 2K Dashcam – 3 Channel – Front, Interior & Rear


Looking for a Cheap Dashcam without compromising on quality?

The A119V3 DASHCAM comes with advanced buffered parking mode, GPS tracking, super night vision & HDR and 2560x1600P and a 5MP sensor.

It comes with a HDR function, which effectively solves the problem of license plate overexposure at night, which improves the quality of the video.

The A119V3 is an ideal choice for a cheap dashcam, but you still want many amazing features.



How much is a dashcam?

Dashcams vary in prices, depending on what specification you require. Here at Viofo UK we offer excellent quality budget dash cams starting from £99.69

Are dashcams worth it?

We think so, dashcams can be a timestamped source of evidence for any kind of traffic accident. They are an effective way to see how we and others drive, dashcams are now accepted by many insurance companies as evidence to prove who was at fault. Dashcams can also function as a GPS tracker should we break down and need help for the emergency services to find you.

Does having a dashcam lower insurance?

Most leading insurance companies are now accepting dashcam footage as evidence that can be used to prove fault. Some insurers will offer annual discounts of up to 20% if you install a dashcam in your vehicle.

How much does dash cam installation cost?

The cost of installation will vary depending on which dashcam you choose, some are plug in dashcams so you would be able to install this yourself, some of the hardwired dashcams may need to be fitted by an installer, Viofo UK recommend the following professional installers: https://viofouk.co.uk/installers/


Through non-stop innovation and full dedication to dashcam imaging technology, we want every VIOFO user to drive in absolute peace of mind under all around protection of the smartest set of eyes.

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