1 Channel Dash Cams (Front View)

At Viofo, we produce a selection of dash cameras to be used in cars for enhanced safety and precaution when on the roads. Our dash cam range includes 1 channel dash cams, which is the most common type of dash camera on the market. A 1 channel dash camera records via one singular channel, recording footage of everything that happens in front of your vehicle.

Having a 1 channel dash camera fitted to your vehicle ensures that reliable footage of your journeys is always being recorded. Your footage can then be used to back up a claim regarding any issues with other drivers, protect you against the false claims of other drivers and much more.

Your 1 channel dashcam should be positioned at the front of your vehicle, typically on the passenger side next to your internal, rear-view mirror so as not to obstruct the driver’s vision.

Our range of 1 channel dash cameras come with a variety of features, such as:

  • GPS logger
  • G-sensor and motion detection
  • Built-in dual band Wi-Fi
  • Buffered parking mode
  • Many more


Through non-stop innovation and full dedication to dashcam imaging technology, we want every VIOFO user to drive in absolute peace of mind under all around protection of the smartest set of eyes.

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