4K Dash Cams

Twice as powerful as a 2K and 8x more vivid image capabilities than a HD dash cam, a Viofo 4K UHD dash cam captures all the details you need for crisp, clear images and high-quality recording.

Most dash cam recording resolution starts at 720p, however, the highest recording resolution is currently 4K. Our Viofo 4K dash cams offer remarkable recording quality, high-definition images, and crystal-clear footage should you be involved in an accident.

When involved in a claim or accident dispute, the police or other parties may be involved to help settle the disagreement. In the event of this, dash camera footage can be submitted to better determine the innocent party and move forward with the claim dispute.

Having a Viofo 4K dash camera fitted to your vehicle could be the difference between wrongful blame, insurance disagreements, and liability. Ensure your journeys are safe and secure with a working and reliable 4K dash camera that can record your drives in incredible quality and provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident.

Viofo have pioneered a range of exceptional dash cameras that offer not only front recording, but also rear recording for optimal safety on your journeys, fantastic quality evidence in the event of an incident, and enhanced security for your vehicle.

At Viofo, we manufacture dash cameras that offer exceptional support in the event of an accident, enhanced safety on your journeys, as well as 4K quality recording to capture all eventualities on the road. Enjoy reliable customer care, exceptional products, and safer road use when you purchase a Viofo 4K dash camera.


Through non-stop innovation and full dedication to dashcam imaging technology, we want every VIOFO user to drive in absolute peace of mind under all around protection of the smartest set of eyes.

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