2 Channel Dash Cams (Front + Rear or Interior)

A two-channel dash camera is a regular dash cam that utilises both front and rear recording to capture footage of your journeys from the front perspective, while also offering recorded footage of the rear of your vehicle to provide viable evidence in the event of an accident.

Two-channel dash cameras are predominantly used by car drivers, as they provide better footage of both the front and the back of your vehicle when on the road, eliminating the possibility of a false accusation or wrongful blame, should you be involved in a road accident.

Our Viofo dash cameras are perfect for car drivers who would feel better with some external footage of their journeys. You’ll always have accurate footage of what happens on your journeys with a Viofo dual dash cam. We stock a wide range of dual-channel dash cameras to suit all budgets.


Through non-stop innovation and full dedication to dashcam imaging technology, we want every VIOFO user to drive in absolute peace of mind under all around protection of the smartest set of eyes.

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