Ashley Neal – Are Throttles on Ebikes Legal?

8th March, 2023 | Dashcam, Road safety

Ashley Neal, a cycling enthusiast and reviewer on YouTube, presents a video entitled “Are Throttles on Ebikes Legal? | The Himiway Cruiser” In this video, he examines the legality of ebikes equipped with throttle systems, particularly in the UK, where he is based.

Ashley Neal starts by introducing the Himiway Cruiser ebike, highlighting its features, including the throttle system that enables the rider to accelerate without pedaling. He then delves into the central question of the video, which is, Are Throttles on Ebikes Legal in the UK.

According to Ashley, ebikes with pedal-assist systems are classified as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) and are legal in the UK. The same applies to ebikes with throttle systems as long as they have a maximum power output of 250 watts and do not exceed 15.5mph (25km/h). Such ebikes are classified as EAPCs, and their riders do not require licenses, registration, or insurance. Nevertheless, Ashley advises prospective buyers to research local laws and regulations to ensure that they comply with local requirements.

Are Throttles on Ebikes Legal? Conduct a Local Research

Ashley stresses that the legality of ebikes with throttles differs from country to country and even within various regions of the same country. Therefore, he encourages viewers to conduct thorough research of the laws in their area before purchasing an ebike with a throttle system.

Subsequently, Ashley provides a comprehensive review of the Himiway Cruiser, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, such as its comfort, handling, and battery life. He also mentions two cameras, the DC-1 and HC-1, that he uses to capture his rides, both available from

In conclusion, Ashley Neal’s video provides valuable insights into the legality of ebikes with throttle systems, and it includes an informative review of the Himiway Cruiser. He advises prospective ebike buyers to research local laws before making a purchase, particularly when it comes to the question of whether throttles on ebikes are legal.

Ashley Neal’s website is

Legal Disclaimer
The information presented in this post should not be taken as legal advice. Viofo UK strongly advises readers to research the laws pertaining to ebikes in their respective locations.



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