Can Police Prosecute with Dashcam Footage?

10th October, 2022 | ViofoUK

Dashcams are now widely available, with a huge number of drivers installing them for protection in the event of a road incident.

Even if you have never been involved in a road accident or dispute, having a dashcam fitted can prove beneficial.




  1. Help to prove your innocence if you are falsely accused of causing an incident.
  2. Capture footage of uninsured drivers.
  3. Can give police vital information in the event that your car is stolen, helping them to track down and recover your vehicle.
  4. Capture footage of any hit-and-runs you are involved in, which can then be given to the police to help them track down the other driver.


So, what happens if you are involved in an incident and the footage captured by your dashcam clearly shows that you are not at fault? Surely the police would be able to use this footage to quickly identify the guilty driver and issue them with a penalty?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. In the UK, the police do not routinely use dashcam footage to prosecute drivers. This is because they have to consider whether or not the footage would be admissible as evidence in court.


To be admissible in court, the footage would have to meet specific criteria:


  • The footage must be of good quality
  • The time and date must be clear
  • The registration plate of the other vehicle must be visible
  • The faces of any occupants in the other vehicle must be visible
  • There must be no obstructions to the view of the footage, such as trees or buildings
  • The footage must be downloaded onto a secure storage device and kept safe until it is passed on to the police



So, Can the Police Prosecute with Dashcam Footage?


Even if the footage meets all these criteria, there is no guarantee that the police will use it to prosecute the other driver.


This is because they would also need to consider whether or not there were any other witnesses to the incident who could give evidence in court. Additionally, it would be down to the individual officer on the case to decide if they would like to use the footage.

That said, it is always better to at least attempt to use dashcam footage. There is never any harm in submitting it and following up with the police. They may find the footage useful, or they may not. But at least you know that you have submitted it with the best intention.

If you do have dashcam footage of an incident, the best thing to do is to file a report with the police and give them the footage. This way, they can decide if it is something that they would like to use as part of their investigation.


Not all police forces have a specific policy on the use of dashcam footage, so it is always best to check with your local force to see what their policy is.

If you are thinking of installing a dashcam, it is worth considering how you would feel if the footage was used as part of a police investigation or court case. You may want to think about whether you would be happy for your face to be captured on camera, as this could happen if you are involved in an incident.

Additionally, you should be aware that some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have a dashcam fitted. This is because they see it as a way of reducing the number of false claims that are made. So, not only can a dashcam offer you peace of mind, but it could also help to reduce your insurance premiums.



You can browse our range of helpful dash cameras here and ensure you have unblinking eyes recording your journeys and protecting you from rogue road users, road accidents, and wrongful claims.

For more assistance with your dashcam purchase, please contact us directly.

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