NEW 2021 VIOFO A139 3CH 3-Channel Dash Camera

30th December, 2020 | ViofoUK

The A139 3CH is the first triple channel dash camera from Viofo, it includes a rich variety of useful functions. It’s a 3-channel with 2560 * 1440P 30fps / 60fps(Front)+ 1920*1080P 30fps(Interior) + 1920*1080P 30fps(Rear)resolution.
3-channel system with Sony STARVIS image sensors for outstanding video quality. The A139 3CH dashcam has excellent video quality and advanced smart functions. And it comes with impressive features— Support external microphone, Remote Control, Wi-Fi, GPS logger, advanced parking mode and many more.

QHD+FHD+FHD Three Channel Recording

It can record the road ahead (140° FOV), cabin interior (170°), and road behind (170°) simultaneously. Quad HD + Full HD + Full HD resolutions capture super clear images giving all-round protection, it is suitable for all driving situations including daily driving for the family, rideshare (Uber/Lyft) driving, taxi driving, etc. No matter what happens, the A139 can be trusted to reliably capture evidence of incidents.

Super Night Vision
Sony STARVIS sensors provide the A139 with high clarity night vision, rich details are recorded even in low light conditions. The internal camera incorporates a 6 element infrared LED lamp allowing the camera to record cabin activity even in complete darkness, for the protection of both driver and passengers.

Voice Notifications
The A139 uses spoken English language voice notifications to confirm setting changes such as audio recording on/off and to inform the driver of events such as memory card errors. You can always be confident that if anything prevents recording then it will inform you with no need for you to take your eyes off the road.

Built-in Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi options of 2.4GHz & 5GHz provide rapid transfer speeds with up to 8MB/s download available using the 5GHz setting. The Wi-Fi connection and Viofo mobile app provide access to setup options, live view of the three camera channels, playback of recorded video, and download/sharing of video files.

GPS Built-in Mount
The GPS mount can record your speed and route data in the video file allowing compatible viewers to display the data on payback. It will also keep the camera clock synchronized with GPS time so that the video files correctly time stamped.

Advanced Parking Mode
The A139 supports three modes of advanced parking mode, including Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse and Low Bitrate Recording. This function could help drivers to save full evidence during parking.

Tips: With HK3-C provide ACC function, this camera automatically switches to parking mode.

Slim and Compact Design
The A139 utilizes super slim coaxial cable and miniature connectors for the interior and rear interconnects, this provides for easier and more discrete installation than traditional cable types. The A139 also compared with the traditional micro USB connector, USB-C features a new, smaller connector shape that is reversible for ease of installation. USB-C cables can carry significantly more power, reliably providing a more stable power supply to the dash camera.
Circular Polarizing Lens
A CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) can be used to reduce reflections and glare off glass and road surfaces, resulting in significantly improved image quality and contrast in many situations.

Optional Accessories


External Microphone

The A139 not only records a clear image, the built-in microphone also captures high clarity sound.  It also supports the use of an external microphone that can be positioned more optimally, maybe to record conversations during police traffic stops or other incidents and potentially record police misconduct.

Compatible with HK3-C ACC Hardwire Kit

Parking mode provides 24-hour surveillance for your parked vehicle. When the engine is turned off, the HK3-C hardwire kit will provide continuous power to the dash camera, automatically select parking mode, and provide a low voltage cut-off to protect your car battery from over-discharge.

Bluetooth Remote Control

The Bluetooth remote control can be positioned in a convenient location allowing for safe and easy use while driving. Pressing the button will protect the current video clip and image.

Deal of the Month

A119 Mini Dash Cam

A139 Pro 2 channel front & Rear

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  • First 4K HDR with Sony Starvis 2 Sensor Dashcam
  • Front: Sony Starvis 2 Sensor 8MP 1/1.8 IMX678
  • Rear: Sony Starvis Sensor 2MP IMX291
  • 2 Channel 4K 3840x2160P 30fps + 1080P 30fps
  • F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens140°+ 170° Wide Viewing Angle

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