Recommended SD Cards for Dash Cams

10th October, 2022 | ViofoUK

There are many different types and brands of SD cards available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your Viofo camera.

SD cards were first used in 1999 and they have become the industry standard for removable storage. An SD card, if you aren’t already familiar, is used to store data such as photos, videos, music, and files. SD cards are usually found in digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones, and other devices that support removable storage.


What are SD cards?

  • They come in three different sizes: SD, miniSD, and microSD
  • The capacity of an SD card is usually measured in gigabytes (GB). The higher the number, the more data it can store. For example, a 32GB SD card can store about 8,000 photos or video footage for around two hours.
  • There are also different speed classes of SD cards, which determine how quickly data can be written to or read from the card. The higher the speed class, the better. For example, a class 10 SD card can write data at a speed of 10 megabytes per second (MB/s), which is ideal for HD video recording.


When choosing an SD card for your Viofo camera, we recommend going with a high-capacity and high-speed card. This will ensure that you can store plenty of footage and that it will be written to the card quickly. A good quality SD card can improve the reliability of your dash cam and result in a better user experience. According to customer feedback, most camera issues, such as freezing, memory error, and corrupted/missing files are caused by incompatible or faulty memory cards.

recommended SD cards


After years of testing, trialling, and developing, we have launched the Viofo memory card to ensure high-speed read/write speeds and full HD recording for an unrivalled dashcam experience.


viofo 64gb professional high endurance sd memory card uhs 3 with adapter1

viofo 64gb professional high endurance sd memory card uhs 3 with adapter3viofo 64gb professional high endurance sd memory card uhs 3 with adapter2

The Viofo UK SD card

The Viofo microSD card is manufactured in Taiwan with top-tier MLC NAND flash chips inside. This ensures compatibility, in addition to giving you greater confidence in the fact that your Viofo dash camera or GitUp action camera will last a long time.

SD cards use various types of memory (MLC, SLC, TLC), which limits the number of write cycles. MLC can be quite costly but is the most durable. The Viofo microSD card is manufactured in Taiwan with the top-tier MLC NAND flash chips inside, thus giving greater assurances in terms of compatibility and the long-life durability of the Viofo dash camera and GitUp action camera.

Utilising an advanced UHS-I interface, these cards ensure the best performance for smooth full HD video recording and seamless playback. It also supports the GitUp F1 action camera’s 4K 30fps 60Mb/s bitrate recording.

You can browse our range of MicroSD cards, including capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

We always suggest that you format your cards periodically; it is easy to do using the camera body itself. Click here to learn more about deep formatting.

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A139 Pro 2 channel front & Rear

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  • Rear: Sony Starvis Sensor 2MP IMX291
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