Sony Starvis 2: Revolutionising Dash Cams

8th December, 2023 | ViofoUK

In the dynamic world of dash cams, the Sony Starvis 2 technology stands out as a game-changer. Featured in Viofo’s A229 Plus A139 Pro and A229 Pro dash cams, this cutting-edge sensor technology offers unparalleled clarity and detail, especially in low-light conditions. Here’s a closer look at how Sony Starvis 2 is reshaping our expectations from dashboard cameras.

VIOFO A229 PRO 3CH Triple-Channel Dash Cam with Sony STARVIS 2 Sensors

STARVIS 2: Pushing Boundaries in Low-Light Sensitivity

Sony’s STARVIS 2 technology defines ultra-high sensitivity imaging. Outperforming the human eye, it captures detailed images in dark environments, ensuring safety and security. This ability to recognise objects accurately, even in poorly lit conditions, makes STARVIS 2 a vital technology for dashboard cameras.

Technical Breakthroughs of STARVIS 2

Superior Sensitivity Beyond Human Vision:

 STARVIS 2’s back-illuminated structure enables it to capture faint light efficiently, transforming it into clear, noise-free electrical signals. This results in realistic images, retaining true colours and shapes even in near-darkness.

Enhanced Photodiode Efficiency:

The key to STARVIS 2’s high sensitivity lies in its photodiode design. Unlike front-illuminated sensors, STARVIS 2 places photodiodes above the wiring layer, significantly improving light absorption and sensitivity by over 4.6 times compared to traditional structures.

Advanced Low-Noise Technology:

Sony’s technology amplifies electrical signals right after conversion, reducing overall noise. This results in clearer, more detailed images in low-illumination settings, crucial for visual and AI-assisted image recognition in dash cams.

STARVIS 2’s Near-Infrared Capabilities

Apart from capturing visible light, STARVIS 2 excels in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum, crucial for night-time recording without disturbing the environment. Its design enhances NIR light absorption, allowing dash cams to deliver clearer images in these conditions, reducing the need for high-intensity NIR lighting.

Innovations in High Dynamic Range (HDR)

STARVIS 2 employs two HDR methods – Digital Overlap (DOL) and Clear HDR. While DOL HDR synthesizes two images for a balanced exposure, Clear HDR captures simultaneous images at different gain levels, ideal for moving targets. This feature is particularly beneficial for dashboard cameras in traffic monitoring and security applications.

Dashboard Cameras with SONY STARVIS 2

With the growing demand for reliable dash cams, Sony’s STARVIS 2 technology offers an edge. Featured in Viofo’s A229 Plus A139 Pro and A229 Pro, it ensures detailed recordings regardless of the time of day. This technology is a boon for capturing road incidents, tailgating evidence, and enhancing overall vehicle safety.


Sony’s STARVIS 2 technology marks a new era in dash cam capabilities, offering clarity and detail that was previously unattainable in low-light conditions. The integration of this technology in Viofo’s dash cams makes them an ideal choice for drivers seeking reliability and exceptional performance. As we continue to embrace advanced technologies, the future of dashboard cameras looks brighter and clearer than ever.

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