True HDR is implemented in A119 V3

16th July, 2020 | ViofoUK

What is WDR & HDR?

“WDR” and “HDR” are functions to prevent blown out and blocked up.

WDR means [Wide Dynamic Range]. The camera can handle bright and dark conditions and improve quality of freeze frame.
The meaning of HDR is [High Dynamic Range]. Compared to using more traditional methods, HDR images can record and represent a greater range of brightness levels.For example, many real-world scenes contain very bright, direct sunlight to extreme shadows or very faint nebulae.

However, the purpose of WDR and HDR are the same, which is to turn dark and bright details into clarity under high-contrast light conditions.

For those who drive frequently, it may be a quite basic knowledge.
When you are driving through a tunnel and the moment that you are almost out of the exit, the sunlight may cause a sudden glare of white light a few secs in your eyes and you couldn’t see anything clearly.

The same thing happens with the dashcam when suddenly strong light enters the image due to backlighting. It seems that the old model dashcam was very hard to see, especially at the exit of the tunnel, because it was recorded as “blown out / blocked up”.

WDR and HDR are being installed in many dashcams as a function to prevent such “blown out” and “blocked up”.

Although the popular dashcams on the market now have the HDR or WDR options. However, the actual application still cannot solve those exposure problems, especially for the car license plate over exposure at night.

Recently VIOFO updates the A119 V3 firmware to support the True HDR which can obiviously improve the car license plate visibility.

*Comparision HDR On and Off On A119 V3 with Firmware

The difference in recorded image is much clearer compared to the model without HDR.
Turning on HDR, you will not miss information with clear images. It also suppresses blackouts and highlights that occur when shooting at night, capturing clearer license plate.

*Comparision HDR On and Off On A119 V3 with Firmware

VIOFO A119 V3 is a dashcam with a new Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor, which is strong for super night vision. Supports 2560 x 1600p recording with higher image quality than full HD. You can record with clearer and higher image quality than conventional drive recorders.

A119V3 as the Best Budget Dash Cam in 2020, Received support from many customers in different countries. In order to make our Customer Service Better, we would continuously improve this product performance and upgrade firmware. Recently, True HDR will be available on A119 V3. We provides firmware that supports HDR for users.

*Comparision HDR On and Off On A119 V3 with Firmware

A119V3 latest firmware with HDR function, the version number is V2.0(update 2020.0711)

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