VIOFO A119 V3 is one of the best dash cams 2021 recommended by Whatcar

Due to increasing and diversified expectations on budget dash camera, Whatcar? has concluded a ranking of nine dash cameras from different brands, which of most are 1080P and 2K resolution, by evaluating from aspect of optics, GPS, WIFI to parking mode features.

As a 2K dash camera, VIOFO A119 V3 ranks the 2nd place on the list, thanks to the crystal-clear performance that takes another level over the other dash cameras, and electrically frugal parking mode recording option.

Additionally, an optional GPS module, polarizing filters and wired-in power lead to enhance multiple features for diversified demands.

As a premium manufacturer of dash camera, we keep upgrading our products and recently we added an option of 21:9 2560 x 1080P 30fps/60fps resolution on A119 V3 and A129 Plus.

At the price of 119.90 USD, the A119 V3 is your best choice!