A129 Duo Plus IR – The Perfect Dash Cam for Private Hire is here!

1st March, 2022 | ViofoUK

Our brand-new duo – front and interior – dashcam is here!

The A129 Duo Plus IR is the latest dashcam we’ve released, perfect for taxi and Uber drivers.

Why purchase?

Each year, 1/3 of taxi drivers make an insurance claim. Having a dashcam fitted can provide reduced insurance premiums. This is because dash cams provide irrefutable evidence of liability in the case of an incident.

The A129 was voted in the top 10 of dash cams to buy in 2022 via digitalcameraworld.com 

Dash cams work to give the driver evidence in the event of a crash to help avoid crash schemes and other purposeful accidents that could leave the driver liable.

Additionally, dash cams work to keep everyone safe. The dual cameras also show the driver taking any calls or phone use, which could put passengers in danger. Furthermore, the camera works to keep passengers safe in the event of a disagreement or other disputable incident.

The law

Businesses can legally use dash cams in the UK, but they must adhere to strict privacy rules. As with CCTV, or any other surveillance system, images and audio recordings of an individual captured by dash cam constitute personal data. Number plates of privately-owned vehicles are also considered personal data.

In accordance with GDPR, businesses must have a ‘clearly defined and specific purpose’ for the use of dash cams. Taxi firms cannot simply roll out dash cams unless they can demonstrate that camera usage is both necessary and proportionate to the problem it addresses.


OmniVision’s OS02C10 is a 2.9-micron, 2-megapixel image sensor with breakthrough ultra-low-light (ULL) technology. Combining ULL with OmniVision’s industry-leading Nyxel® near-infrared (NIR) technology, the OS02C10 works equally well in all lighting conditions.

With this dash camera, drivers of a taxi, ride-hailing (Uber, Lyft, etc.), or ridesharing could record innocent evidence to avoid most of the troubles including uncontrollable passengers, bad rides, false claims, near-accidents, and thieves. This dual dashcam is designed to offer taxi drivers protection for the events inside their vehicle and outside of it. In the event of an accident inside or outside the vehicle, the duel dashcam offers evidence to support claims and other evidence.


  • Infrared night vision
  • High quality video recording
  • 140-degree wide camera angle
  • Discreet design
  • Clear audio recording
  • 2-inch screen size
  • 1080p resolution

The dashcam also comes with three parking modes and in the event of an accident, it begins recording in slow motion frames to capture any evidence without you having to do so manually. The A129 also has a strong dual band Wi-Fi connection to keep a stable connection between the device and your smartphone.

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