VIOFO A129Pro Duo Ultra HD 4K+Full HD 1080P Dual-Channel Dashcam

24th September, 2019 | ViofoUK

The A129 Pro Duo is the top set of VIOFO dashcam till now. It realizes dual-channel Ultra HD 4K+ Full HD 1080P to record road front and road rear. It keeps all the great functions for A129series and other former VIOFO dashcams and improves a lot especially in video recording and transfer speed via VIOFO app.

Ultra HD 4K Dash Camera


The A129Pro front camera records at an Ultra HD 4K resolution 3840 x 2160P delivering better-quality video, with sharp enough resolution to read license plates and see other details in lighting conditions that other cameras struggled with. It especially shoots great low-light video with HDR functions to retain detail in high-contrast lighting.

The new model retains its predecessor’ s ease-of-use but adopts a better Sony Exmore R sensor and 130° field of view to create an ultra-wide camera angle. This industry-leading model offers a picture quality that’ s even better than most household TVs. It’ s the best choice for drivers who wants to get the clearest dashcam footage anytime and anywhere.

Faster Transfer Speed with Wi-Fi


As other VIOFO dashcams for the A129 series, A129Pro Duo applies 2.4 GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi connection to the VIOFO app means you can stream live video from the cameras to your phone and set everything up via the app (iOS and Android) instead of reaching for the camera itself. The built-in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi makes it easier to download saved footage from the camera when you need it. This time, we improve the transfer speed to gain up to 8 MB/s in 5GHz Wi-Fi, much faster transfer speed in dashcam marketing.

Advanced Buffered Parking Mode

As mentioned in other articles, the A129Pro Duo support three modes of advanced parking mode, including buffered parking mode. This means the A129Pro Duo dashcam could record both motions and detections with 15s before and 30s after events. This function could help drivers to save full evidence during parking.
Tips: With HK3 provide ACC function, this camera automatically switches to parking mode.

Slim and Compact Design

The VIOFO A129Pro Duo remains a compact and subtle design. It is small enough to hide neatly behind the car interior mirror, fitting to a very small 3M mount stuck to the windscreen (instead of a larger suction cup). A129Pro Duo dashcam appears to be simple but packs a lot of tech into a tiny package.

High-temperature Protection

As other market-leading 4k dashcams, the A129Pro dash camera also adopts advanced head discharge technology. You do not need to worry about overheat for the device will automatically shut down to protect the dashcam when the temperature of the chip reaches a certain degree.

Optional Accessories

It also has details common to higher-end units, like an optional integrated GPS receiver, supporting up to 256GB micro SD card, optional CPL to protect from flares and some handy driver assistance functions like Bluetooth remote control.

The GPS mount(optional) is the optional accessories we highly recommended. It could record your speed and route data in the video file allowing compatible viewers to display the data on playback. It will also keep the camera’s clock synchronized with GPS time so that the video files are correctly time stamped. To help you save every data you want for your journey.

CPL could reduce reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces to bring better image quality just like polarized sunglasses.

With Bluetooth remote control (optional) mounted in a convenient location on your dashboard, you could start emergency recording manually to safely protect important events from being overwritten, without needing to take your eyes off the road.

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