What Dashcam Do The Police Use?

22nd June, 2022 | Dashcam

Dash cameras are small, inconspicuous cameras that can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield of a car. Dash cameras have a host of benefits and are used by cyclists, motorcyclists, car users, and even equestrians for enhanced safety, monitored road use and evidence in the event of an incident.

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Given the nature of their job, police officers will need to have efficient and high-quality dash cameras in order to perform their duties properly. While there is a general lack of clarity regarding what dashcam the police use, we’ve compiled this blog to answer this as best we can.

The police in the United Kingdom have been using dashcams since 2013, when they were first trialled in North Wales. The trial proved to be successful and since then, dashcams have been gradually rolled out to police forces across the country. The police and other forces will use different tech with enhanced features in order to make their job easier.

While there is no one specific dashcam that is used by all police forces in the UK, the dash cameras that the police forces use will need to meet enhanced criteria. The dash camera systems used by the police will be far superior to regular dashcams and will have features to check:

  • Speed checks
  • Untaxed vehicle checks
  • Uninsured vehicle checks
  • Stolen cars
  • Lots more

It is important to note that the camera systems used will vary from force to force and likely will change depending on the location of the forces, and their particular role, as well as the vehicle they use.

The police in the United Kingdom use a variety of dashcams in their patrol cars. The most common type of dashcam used by the police is the In-Vehicle Camera System (IVCS). The IVCS is a small, handheld camera that records video and audio footage from inside the police vehicle.

The IVCS is typically used by police officers to record their interactions with the public, as well as to gather evidence at crime scenes. The footage recorded by the IVCS can be used in court proceedings and can be used to help investigate complaints against the police.

Other camera systems

Other systems used are ANPR cameras, which are used to detect and record the number plates of vehicles. These cameras are typically mounted on police cars and can be used to automatically check if a vehicle is stolen, untaxed or uninsured.

ANPR systems are also used commonly in car parks to recognise number plates and issue fines and penalties for illegal parking or overstaying car park times. They can check a number of things, including:

Police body-worn cameras are also increasingly being used by police officers in the UK. These small, wearable cameras can be clipped onto an officer’s uniform and are used to record footage of an officer’s interactions with the public.

The footage recorded by body-worn cameras can be used as evidence in court proceedings and can also be used to help investigate complaints against the police.

While the definite answer of ‘what’ camera the police use remains unsure, the fact remains that the police do use dash cameras and can vouch for their many benefits. If you’d like to add that extra layer of security on the road, you can browse our dash cameras here. View our handy dashcam buying guide here.

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