Why the T130 is different to other 3 channel dashcams

25th May, 2022 | ViofoUK

3 channel dashcams are increasing in popularity for drivers across the UK. Designed to cover all vantage points of a vehicle – that includes front, rear, and interior – a 3 channel dashcam offers unparalleled protection for drivers, passengers and other drivers.

At Viofo, we offer a range of dashcams with 3 channels, but none is more advanced that the T130 3 channel dashcam.

This innovative dashcam leads the market in offering protection to drivers from a range of areas that include near accidents, problematic drivers, false claims and thieves.

We’ve broken down why our T130 3 channel dashcam stands above the rest.

Viofo 3 Channel T130

The design

The T130 incorporates a sleek, unobtrusive, and discreet design with 3 dashcam channels to see both front and rear as well as the interior. One of the main highlights of the T130 is the interior camera that sits on a rotatable lens. It can be moved 90 degrees from left to right as well as up and down, providing full coverage inside.

At Viofo, we identified a niche in the market and worked to create a 3 channel dashcam that’s perfect for private hire vehicles, taxis, driving instructors and others sharing their vehicles.

Our newest 3 channel camera, the T130 is specifically designed for taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing (TNC) drivers. Its three-channel coverage ensures safety and provides footage in all areas of the vehicle, offering protection for the driver, passengers, and other drivers.

The T130’s three channels provide excellent coverage, with high-quality HD recording at 2560 * 1440P 30fps (front), 1920 * 1080P 30fps (interior) and 1920 * 1080P 30fps (rear) resolution, setting the T130 ahead of the competition.

But this advanced dashcam comes with a plethora of additional features that make it a sought-after product.



Infrared night vision

The T130 adopts Omnivision ultra low light Nyxel Interior Image Sensor, which uses Nyxel® NIR technology that picks out the sharpest details in the lowest of lights.

The front-facing camera is also equipped with a Sony Starvis sensor, perfect for night recording without compromising on quality. When compared to other dashcams, our 3-channel camera often performs 2-4 times better, as it enables the use of lower-power IR illumination technology in total darkness.


GPS Logger

The built-in GPS logger is designed to visualise and accurately record your speed and time, logging any route data straight to a video file for further analysis and data tracking. The T130 also allows compatible viewers to display this data on playback.


Advanced parking mode

The T130 also supports three advanced parking modes built into the dashcam. The functions include:

  • Auto event detection
  • Timelapse recording
  • Low bitrate recording

The parking modes allow for the T130 to save the footage in the event of an incident while also using less memory space and battery power to do so. Set up of the parking function is available on all 3 dashcam channels.


Built-in Wi-Fi

The built-in Wi-Fi provides rapid transfer speeds when downloading video files. It also enables the connection to the Viofo app on a smartphone for convenient accessibility to adjust any settings, check the live view of any of the three channels, as well as playback any recorded videos.


Voice notification

Our unique 3 channel dashcam also incorporates voice notification to remind the drivers of setting changes such as “recording enabled”, “memory card errors” and “Wi-Fi connected”.

The T130 supports multiple languages, designed for ease of use for all drivers to help maintain focus on the road and reduce distractions from setting up a dashcam.


Additional features

  • Clean and clear audio recording
  • Emergency lock
  • Static sticker for mounting
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Up to 256GB MicroSD Card
  • Circular polarizing lens available to reduce glare
  • Wide-angle front (140°), interior (165°), and rear (165°)
  • Type-C USB power port


At Viofo, we pride ourselves on creating the best quality products for all road users. The innovative T130 3 channel dashcam with unique safety features is a dashcam that stands unrivalled, both in quality and safety. Pick up your T130 today.

View our dashcam buying guide for more information on commonly answered questions.

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