A129 Plus Duo 2K Dashcam – 2 Channel – Front & Rear


(11 customer reviews)
  • 2K+1080P Dual Dash Cam
  • Super Night Vision
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
  • Parking Mode
  • Ideal Choice of Dash Cam

* See Below For Product Full Description

  • Would you like to add a Micro SD Card?

    Viofo cameras require an SD card to store video footage. It's crucial to use a High Endurance micro SD card suitable for dashcams. We recommend Viofo cards. The card size depends on the desired video storage length. Viofo cameras loop record, overwriting the oldest footage when the card is full. Our most popular size is 128GB.

    Would you like to add BlueTooth Remote Control?

    This wireless button can be located in the cockpit of your vehicle. One press will automatically lock the current image/video clip. This file will be located in a protected file and not be overwritten when the camera loop records.

    Blue toooth connection and battery powered. Just one simple press of the button to save and lock important video clips. Small, light and can easily be located in a suitable postion on your dashboard

      • Compatible with all Viofo Camera (Not A119v3)
      • Lock the current image and video clips
      • Free extra battery included

    Will you be hardwiring your dash camera?

    All Viofo Dashcams are provided with a good length USB cable to power your dash camera. However, you may wish to completely hardwire your camera to your vehicle so that the parking mode feature is fully functional. Viofo have 3 variations of Hardwire kit for the different cameras, but select this via the bundle option below and the correct version will be provided for the selected camera.

    Fit and forget your camera by hard wiring to your vehicle. When the engine is off the kit provides continuous power (but protects your vehicles battery). Enables operation of the parking mode and full surveillance of your parked vehicle

    • HK3 Parking Hardwire Kit for A119v3 and All A129 models

    Do you require fuse taps to connect your hardwire kit to your vehicle's fuse board?

    These are used to connect the hardwire kit to your vehicle via a fuse board. If you are having your camera professionally installed your installer will generally provide these. Viofo provide 4 different types, your car manufacturer or garage will be able to confirm the connection type. If in doubt we do provide a combination pack including all 4 variations.

    viofo 4pcs 2 packs circuit fuse tap with atc ats micro2 mini adapter holder Specific connecters from the Viofo hardwire kit to your vehicles fuse board.


    Circular Polarizing Lens. Reduce reflections and glare from the windscreen and road surfaces. Significantly improves video quality and contrast..

    Circular Polarizing Lens. Reduce reflections and glare from the windscreen and road surfaces. Significantly improves video quality and contrast..

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  • 12 month warranty
  • QUAD HD + FULL HD DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING - The front and rear camera capture super clear front road at 1440P 60fps and rear road at 1080P 30fps simultaneously. Matching Sony sensors are used in front and rear cameras to ensure excellent performance even in a low-light environment.
  • 2K+1080P Dual Dash Cam A129 Plus is the upgraded version of the A129 Plus Duo dash cam. Much more details can be easily captured including plate license and signpost. 140° wide-angle is enough to cover the whole road and will not distort the image.
  • SONY EXMOR R STAVIS IMAGE SENSOR – The Sony Exmor R Starvis Image Sensor within the A129 Plus Duo records clear vibrant colours with rich detail in almost any lighting situation.
  • Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi – The VIOFO app allows you to control your camera remotely by using a smartphone. Features include full camera control, live preview, playback, and video recording.
  • 2.0" HD SCREEN - The 2.0" HD screen allows for easy setup and playback of videos as a convenient alternative to using Wi-Fi and a smartphone.
  • External GPS (Optional) – The external GPS module can record your speed and route data in the video file allowing compatible viewers to display the date on playback. It will also keep the camera’s clock synchronized with GPS time so that the video files are correctly time-stamped”.
  • CPL FILTER (Optional) - An optional CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens} can be used to reduce reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces that can otherwise damage image quality, this works in the same way as polarized sunglasses.
  • Super Night Vision Both front and rear camera is loaded with super high-quality Sony Sensor which has better night vision than any other sensors. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, provides a clearer view than most other car cameras in low-light conditions for nighttime driving.
  • Bluetooth REMOTE CONTROL - With the Bluetooth remote control (optional) mounted in a convenient location on your dashboard you can safely protect important events from being overwritten, without needing to take your eyes off the road.
  • CAPACITOR POWER SUPPLY - The capacitor power supply has a wider temperature range and longer life span than cameras that use batteries, giving reliable operation in the heat of Australian summers and frozen Alaskan winters.
  • Parking Mode Protection at all times with recording that is triggered by motion and impact detection. To use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.
  • Ideal Choice of Dash Cam G-sensor, motion detection, auto start/stop, loop recording, time-lapse recording, built-in microphone & speaker, mobile APP, support up to 256GB SD card, support optional CPL and Bluetooth remote control, one year warranty. A129 Plus Duo is the ideal choice for your dashcam.

Additional information


Front + Rear

Video Resolution

Front Quad HD: 2560 x 1440P 60fps ;
Rear Full HD: 1920 x 1080P 30fps


Front: Sony 5MP Sensor;
Rear: Sony STARVIS IMX291


Front & Rear: 7G F1.6 aperture

Night Vision

Super Night Vision

Viewing Angle

Front & Rear: 140°








High Speed 2.4GHz& 5GHz


Included – Integral in Base

Parking Mode

Yes – HK3 Hardwire Kit Required

Motion Detection

Yes – HK3 Hardwire Kit Required

G Sensor


High Temperature Resistance


Power Source

Usb or HK3 Hardwire Kit

CPL Filter


Remote Control


Max Micro SD Card


11 reviews for A129 Plus Duo 2K Dashcam – 2 Channel – Front & Rear

  1. pete454 (verified owner)

    This dash cam is loaded with features found on high end cams like buffered parking mode, wifi connectivity and 2K resolution at 60 fps.

    Be sure to upgrade the firmware as per Viofo instructions on their website. Note if you plan on using the parking mode feature the HK3 wire kit is a must.

    Daytime video quality is sharp and night videos are excellent. This camera is also capable of H.265 encoding which is optimized for play back efficiency.

    The app is easy to use and you can easily download videos to your phone using the camera’s wifi.

    My conclusion is excellent and a great value.

  2. Jason H. (verified owner)

    My previous dash dam was more than 6 years old and I decided to buy a new one. I have searched extensively to find a quality dash cam in my price range. Most of the dash cams in this price range in the market are 1080p, which are not preferred. Finally VIOFO released the new A129 Plus which has the 2K capability. This is exactly what I am looking for. After using this for over one week, I am very satisfied with the video quality, both during the day time and night time.

    BTW, The default setting for the video is not 2K, I had to manually set it to 2K and turned on the WDR feature.

  3. Leo.L (verified owner)

    I was waiting release of this new 2k (QHD+FHD) model, it’s above my expectation, solid build quality, easy installation with no hassle. I don’t really care the exterior, but chipset and functionalities. it has its own chipset for the rear cam, so front and rear cams working separately, rear cam sends data directly to SD card, performance standpoint will be better. Sony Starvis sensor records great details under day/night light environment, easy to read license#. Big plus for this cam ,is built-in Dual-Band Wi-Fi connect with the VIOFO App to control dash cam settings and access footage clips on the spot, that is key function for me to choose dash cam, overall experience is satisficed, not lag and crash at all. One suggestion to Viofo, hope the rear to front cam cable could be longer, it will be much more easier to place rear cam to center of windshield.

  4. Eddie (verified owner)

    The video quality of both front and back cameras are decent day and night. Menus are easy to navigate to and settings are straight forward. I was able to update the firmware without issues however the settings got reset for me! Also, the size of the front camera makes it easy to be hidden under the rear camera mirror. I suggest this product if you are looking for a dual dashcam with decent resolution and a good price.

  5. Chrsitopher (verified owner)

    The camera has lived up to all standards i could throw at it.

  6. GE Z (verified owner)

    I like Viofo A129 plus duo because the front camera keeps the resolution of 2560×1440 when plugging in the rear 1080P camera. Many other 2K dash cams will lower the resolution to 1080P when a rear camera is connected. It has all the latest advanced features, like dual-band wifi, gps logging, super capacitor, etc. and includes extra sticky pads, even wire clips and a plastic pry bar to remove vehicle trim.

  7. Richard Dabare (verified owner)

    Short & sweet review, I use to have the A129 (1080p) duo but upgraded to the A129 Plus duo & the picture quality of the front camera is much better, overall great product from Viofo & fantastic service from Viofo UK.

  8. Tony Crowlees

    After a thorough review of the alternatives, I chose the A129Plus as suitable for me.
    Ordering was easy. I was lucky to have a voucher entitling me to a free memory card. I am very grateful for that.
    Fitting to an MX5 was fairly straightforward. The fusebox is tight for hardwiring, but is not overly difficult once all the necessary trim is removed.
    I had to make a bracket to mount the rear camera behind the seats so that the camera could be used with the roof in the up or down position. There is plenty of room to hide the cable behind the trim after feeding the cable under the door threshold trim.
    All in all happy with the service, the fitting and the function of the camera set. Hope I never need to refer to it in anger!

  9. Dean Morris

    Have a new car arriving soon. Bought this in advance and yet to have installed. Have tested that both front and rear cameras work using the usb power supply connected to my laptop. Install sd card and recorded a short piece video which saved onto card and reviewed on laptop. All working outside of car will update when installed in car.

  10. Kevin Carroll

    Couldn’t fault anything with this purchase, from the website, to ordering, to delivery. Excellent.

  11. Nai Smith

    Really fast shipping and the camera package I went for is top shelf.

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