A129 Pro 4K Dashcam – 1 Channel – Front


(6 customer reviews)
  • Ultra HD Real 4K Dash Cam
  • Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
  • Buffered Parking Mode

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  • Would you like to add a Micro SD Card?

    Viofo cameras require an SD card to store video footage. It's crucial to use a High Endurance micro SD card suitable for dashcams. We recommend Viofol cards. The card size depends on the desired video storage length. Viofo cameras loop record, overwriting the oldest footage when the card is full. Our most popular size is 128GB.

    Would you like to add BlueTooth Remote Control?

    This wireless button can be located in the cockpit of your vehicle. One press will automatically lock the current image/video clip. This file will be located in a protected file and not be overwritten when the camera loop records.

    Blue tooth connection and battery powered. Just one simple press of the button to save and lock important video clips. Small, light and can easily be located in a suitable postion on your dashboard


      Available on back-order

    Will you be hardwiring your dash camera?

    All Viofo Dashcams are provided with a good length USB cable to power your dash camera. However, you may wish to completely hardwire your camera to your vehicle so that the parking mode feature is fully functional. Viofo have 3 variations of Hardwire kit for the different cameras, but select this via the bundle option below and the correct version will be provided for the selected camera.

    Fit and forget your camera by hard wiring to your vehicle. When the engine is off the kit provides continuous power (but protects your vehicles battery). Enables operation of the parking mode and full surveillance of your parked vehicle

    • HK3 Parking Hardwire Kit for A119v3 and All A129 models

    Do you require fuse taps to connect your hardwire kit to your vehicle's fuse board?

    These are used to connect the hardwire kit to your vehicle via a fuse board. If you are having your camera professionally installed your installer will generally provide these. Viofo provide 4 different types, your car manufacturer or garage will be able to confirm the connection type. If in doubt we do provide a combination pack including all 4 variations.

    viofo 4pcs 2 packs circuit fuse tap with atc ats micro2 mini adapter holderSpecific connecters from the Viofo hardwire kit to your vehicles fuse board.


    Circular Polarizing Lens. Reduce reflections and glare from the windscreen and road surfaces. Significantly improves video quality and contrast..

    Circular Polarizing Lens. Reduce reflections and glare from the windscreen and road surfaces. Significantly improves video quality and contrast..

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Advanced Parking Mode –

Auto Event Detection
Time Lapse
Low Bitrate Recording

Ultra HD Real 4K Dash Cam Adopt top quality Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor, captures super clear view at Ultra HD 4K 3840 * 2160 @30fps. 4K resolution offer amazing video quality, four times higher than a regular Full HD recording. Helps you read most details from street signs, license plates etc. Giving you peace of mind when you're driving.

Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR Comes with 8 Megapixel image sensor, provides much clearer images than most dash cameras at night, combined with upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, maintains sharp image and automatically balances the lighting in overly bright and overly dark areas. Helps capture clear details that other cameras cannot read, like road signs, licence plates, etc.

Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi could transmit in two different standard frequency ranges to avoid wireless interference. A more stable Wi-Fi signal and faster Wi-Fi speed bring blazing speed for file transfer. With a GPS logger, the dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, and also automatically correct the time by synchronizing with the satellite. Timestamp can be embedded in the video. You can check the GPS route on VIOFO APP.

Buffered Parking Mode Buffered parking mode will be able to record events leading up to an impact/motion that has been detected. The car camera will save 15 seconds of video before the event and 30 seconds after the event. This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording. To use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.

Premium functions & 100% satisfaction service Loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection, time-lapse and so on. All your daily driving needs will be satisfied by this dashcam. 【One-year Warranty】100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@viofo.com or live chat on the VIOFO website, you will get a response within 24 hours.

High-temperature Protection - A129 Pro front camera adopts heat discharge construction and a built-in sensor to detect the temperature of the main chipset. When the temperature of the chip reaches a certain degree, the device WII automatically shut down to protect the dash camera from overheating.

Additional information




4K (3840 x 2160 30fps)


Sony IMX317 Sensor 8MP


7G F1.8 aperture

Night Vision

Super Night Vision

Viewing Angle









High Speed 2.4GHz& 5GHz


Included – Integral in Base

Parking Mode

Yes – HK3 Hardwire Kit Required

Motion Detection

Yes – HK3 Hardwire Kit Required

G Sensor


High Temperature Resistance


Power Source

Usb or HK3 Hardwire Kit

CPL Filter


Remote Control


Max Micro SD Card


6 reviews for A129 Pro 4K Dashcam – 1 Channel – Front

  1. Xanders (verified owner)

    I bought this dash cam to upgrade to a higher resolution camera. I have found the most useful feature to be the WiFi phone connection, making watching back videos and changing camera settings easy through the Viofo app.

    It was easy to install, using a sticky pad instead of a suction mount like my previous camera, to prevent any shake. The box has everything you need to do a professional “stealth” install, including a tool to remove trim to route cables.

    I connected my phone to the camera using the app to help me initially position it using the live view, for both cameras. With the included GPS module, it can also log your position & speed and plays it back in the app with the video (see picture). You can also download individual videos to your phone.

    There is also the option for parking mode, where the camera can record before and after the g-sensor is triggered, using the Viofo HK3 hardwire adaptor (not included). Parking my car on the street each night, I will shortly be fitting this as an extra insurance policy!

    I am impressed with the video quality in both daylight and at night time. The picture is smooth and you can clearly see details like number plates in 4K, 2K or Full HD resolutions. I prefer setting the Wide Dynamic Range to improve exposure further in light & dark scenes, such as driving into the rising sun.

    Overall, it’s a top notch product that is well thought out.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    The main reason I originally chose the Viofo A129 was the design…. I hate the look of these dashcams that are just stuck on the window almost as an afterthought. The A129 is neat and compact and the wedge shape allows it to fit nicely behind the rear view mirror so that it is hardly noticeable at all from inside or outside the car.
    When the product arrived from Amazon it was well packaged. The first impression that you get when you open the box is that there is a quality about it. The front and rear cameras are both solidly made, but even the cables are evidently well made and have not been skimped on.

  3. Ricky (verified owner)

    I had the original A129 camera for 2 years and loved that. This updated camera with 4K video recording is crystal clear and is an absolute steal at its value for money compared to the bigger brands.

    As with all of Viofos models, the cameras are very discreet.

    All you need to get started is a microSD card. The camera can support up to a 256gb card. Everything else you need is provided straight out of the box.

  4. M Ford (verified owner)

    Excellent camera and relatively easy to install (in a Mini). Fits snugly in front of rear view mirror without impeding drivers view. Pictures are very good but would suggest anti glare lens (optional) for night driving. One downfall, there’s no dedicated playback software. VIOFO recommend VLC media player. I use Dashcam Viewer which display all relevant information including GPS.

    It’s not perfect but captures excellent footage. This is the third camera I have bought and is far the best (Nextbase & Blackvue were the others). It has all the features including Wi-Fi and parking mode.

    Overall an excellent camera and worth its price for sheer quality, construction, ease of use and peace of mind.

  5. Mark pearson (verified owner)

    Brought for my wife. And even she loves it….such a great little camera picture quality out of this world. And so easy to install…well pleased does everything its says(which is a refreshing change) and easy to use via the app perfect gift for any one coming up to xmas, will defo buy from this company again

  6. Derek Bradburn

    V.Good service and item.
    Prompt delivery.

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