Viofo 4Pcs Fuse Taps


Viofo 4Pcs Fuse Taps

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4PCS Circuit Fuse Tap ATC ATS MICRO2 MINI Adapter Holder

  • This Viofo Add-a-Fuse Kit can be used when you are installing the FK3 Wiring Kit with for your dash cam. To use the adapter you will need access to your vehicle’s fusebox.
  • When you are wiring to a conventional car, then you should always connect the yellow wire to a constant fuse, red wire to an ignition switched/ACC fuse, and black to a ground. If in any doubt, seek competent help.

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  1. Ian Carroll

    I ended up needing two of the same micro fuses so had to cannibalise a 2nd one from some taps I had previously

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