VIOFO CPL-400 Anti-Glare Linear Polarizer Filter For VS1 Dash Camera


CPL Filter for VS1 model

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  • This CPL-400 Filter is designed only for the VS1 Dash Camera.
  • It can effectively reduce reflections, enhance contrast.
  • Make colors more saturated and videos more beautiful.
  • Multi-resistant coating, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-static, oil-resistant and water-resistant.


A digital image showing a black device with a screen displaying crystalline structures, surrounded by similar blue crystals on a white surface; text on the left reads "CPL-400 Compatible with: VS1".

An educational diagram explaining how a circular polarize filter lens works, showing light source and natural light passing through two lenses, with one filtering out light reflections and only allowing natural light to pass through.


A photograph demonstrating the effect of a CPL (Circular Polarizer/Lens) filter. A hand holds the filter over a coastal scene on a sunny day, with the filtered view showing enhanced color saturation and contrast compared to the washed-out appearance of the unfiltered surroundings. The right side of the image includes text with a header "Enhance Color Saturation" and a brief explanation of the benefits of using a CPL filter.

A camera with a square lens protector partially attached to its front, with the text "Protect Your Lens" above.A close-up of a person's fingers wiping a small glass screen with water droplets on it using a white cloth, with the words "Multi-resistant Coating" written above and "Scratch resistant, dust resistant, easy to clean." written below.Two action cameras are displayed side by side on a white surface to demonstrate the process of installing a circular polarizer lens (CPL); the camera on the left has the CPL detached, indicated by an arrow pointing towards the camera, while the camera on the right has the CPL already attached. The heading "Easy Install and Remove" suggests the simplicity of the process, and a note says, "When installing the CPL, align the CPL with the lens."Two product boxes for a circular polarizing lens filter labeled "VIOFO" with one box open, showing the filter and foam padding, and dimensions "28.5mm x 22mm" indicated near the product, against a white background with "Packing List" text displayed above.

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