Finding the Perfect Balance with the VIOFO A229 Plus Dash Cam: A Comparative Review

1st November, 2023 | ViofoUK

Dash cams are no longer just for tech enthusiasts or overly cautious drivers; they’ve become a must-have for everyone on the road.

Amidst a variety of options, the VIOFO A229 Plus emerges as the middle child that you can’t ignore.

Offering top-notch features at an affordable price, it fills the gap between the entry-level A129 Plus and the advanced A229 Pro.

VIOFO A229 Plus Review

A229 Plus Review: A Close-Up on Video Quality

Where the A229 Plus shines is its 2K QHD front camera, identical in specs to its high-end sibling, the A229 Pro. With a 60FPS frame rate, it surpasses the A129 Plus’ 2K 1440P camera, delivering more nuanced details, particularly during high-speed driving.

Advanced Parking Modes: A Standout Feature

Just like its pricier counterpart, the A229 Pro, the A229 Plus offers advanced parking modes—Auto-Event Detection, Low Bitrate Recording, and Time-Lapse Recording. This is an upgrade from the A129 Plus, which only supports Parking Mode without the advanced features.
Note: For optimum use, invest in a VIOFO Type-C HK4 Hardwiring Kit or a dash cam battery pack.

A229 Plus vs A129 Pro
VIOFO A229 Plus Review - Ultra Fast 5GHz Wi-Fi

Seamless Connectivity: A Step Ahead

The A229 Plus features dual-band WiFi, ensuring faster data transfer and smoother streaming compared to the A129 Plus’ 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. If staying connected is a priority, the A229 Plus is your go-to option.

For the Aficionados: The A229 Pro

If you’re an enthusiast looking for even more, the A229 Pro offers voice notifications and an optional rear camera that supports 1080P at 60FPS. While not game-changers, these features could be compelling enough for those who crave the cutting edge.

VIOFO A229 Plus Review - Voice Notifications
VIOFO A229 Plus Review

Cost: Value for Money

In terms of cost, the A229 Plus is the epitome of balance, offering more features than the A129 Plus but not making you shell out as much as you would for the A229 Pro. It’s the ideal choice for those who want to experience luxury without the exorbitant price tag.

A229 Plus Review Conclusion

For the discerning consumer, the VIOFO A229 Plus offers a near-perfect blend of high-quality video capture, advanced features, and affordability. In a market where you often have to compromise, this dash cam stands as a testament to getting more for less.

VIOFO A229 Plus Review conclusion
A229 Plus launch bonus

New Launch Bonus

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