Viofo UK announces sponsorship of Dash, Bang, Wallop!

At Viofo, road safety is our main priority. We’re always looking for ways we can get involved with people within the community to push the message of road safety. Too many things can go wrong on the roads, for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Our dash cams are designed to make the roads, or at least your journey, safer. There’s no doubt that there are lots of accidents on the road, and therefore lots of ways you could be involved with an issue on the road. Often, with you as the victim.

As such, our dashcams are fantastic at capturing the good and the bad of the road. We encourage the use of dashcams to practice safe road etiquette, but also to catch out other road users if you are in the middle of a dispute, crash, accident, etc.

To really push our road safety sentiment, we’ve partnered up with fellow road safety enthusiasts, Dash, Bang, Wallop!

If you’re not familiar with Dash, Bang, Wallop, they’re a YouTube channel that put together compilation videos of bad driving, near misses, and crashes to highlight the dangers on the road and encourage road safety and cautious driving. You can find their latest video, which we have partnered with, here.

We’ve partnered up with Dash, Bang, Wallop, sponsoring their latest video and offering their viewers a discount on our entire range of Viofo Dashcams!

We have a range of 1,2, and 3 channel dash cams to suit all road users. As well as the UK’s no. 1 4K dash cam – the A129 Pro.

If you’re keen to pick up a discounted Viofo dash cam, you can watch the Dash, Bang, Wallop video here and keep your eyes peeled for a special offer!